Tell a Complete Story...

W/out using adjectives or adverbs

Here’s my example:

At night, a man headed for home drives a road he knows. On the seat, a bottle. The radio blasts—its bass vibrates. A girl runs. It is raining. She is wet. She is cold. The wind is sharp. The wipers can’t keep up. He doesn’t see her. A doe darts. His foot slams the brake. The truck swerves. Headlights become spotlights. The girl weaves and dodges. A thud. A squeal of tires. Tree branches scratch at the windows as the truck plows through mud and stops. He opens the door. The music escapes joining the thunder of the downpour. He sees a shape, prays it is the deer. He grabs his parka, shields his face from the needles of rain, inches his way along the side of the truck. He prays. He glances around. The road is deserted—except for the deer who watches. He kneels next to the girl. She is still. He seeks a pulse. There is none. He covers her with the parka. He stands. The whiskey rises to his throat. He vomits it out. He lifts his face to the sky, his tears indistinguishable from the rain. His phone vibrates. He checks the screen, reads the text: Where r u? Baby on the way!

Your turn (feel free to share!):